Chapter 1: Introduction to the Ruby. Programming Language. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Chapter 2: Ruby Variables. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. advanced concepts related to Ruby Scripting languages. Prerequisites. Before you start practicing with various types of examples given in this tutorial, we are. O'Reilly Media, Inc. The Ruby Programming Language, the image of . Ritchie, and aims to document the Ruby language comprehensively but.

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Ruby for Beginners. Ruby Monday Study Group curriculum for beginners If you'd like to print this book, or export it as a PDF try using this page, which is a. programming in any language other than Ruby will feel like you're pushing rope.” Programming Ruby is the essential reference to the Ruby language. More. PDF | This presentation is an introduction to Ruby programming language and Ruby on-Rails, in especial case. The architecture, applications.

As we like to say, PDF is bring your own font.

To set the font used in the diagram, first create a file named plantuml. To perform this work, Asciidoctor delegates to the underlying libraries.

Agile Web Development with Rails 4 (Facets of Ruby)

Without any additional libraries, those are the only supported image file formats. The prawn-gmagick gem uses native extensions to compile against GraphicsMagick.

This system prerequisite limits installation to Linux and OSX. Once this gem is installed, Asciidoctor automatically switches over to it to handle embedding of all images. In addition to support for more additional image file formats, this gem also speeds up image processing considerably, so we highly recommend using it if you can.

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It just passes it through to the converter. In order to insert a rendered equation into the PDF, the toolchain has to parse the equations and convert them to a format the PDF writer Prawn can understand. That typically means converting to an image. Another solution, which is still under development, uses Mathoid to convert STEM equations to images.

Mathoid is a library that invokes MathJax using a headless browser, so it supports both asciimath and latexmath equations. That prototype can be found in the Asciidoctor extensions lab.

The Ruby Programming Language

Asciidoctor Mathematical Asciidoctor Mathematical is an extension for Asciidoctor that provides alternate processing of STEM blocks and inline macros currently only latexmath. After the document has been parsed, the extension locates all the latexmath blocks and inline macros, converts the equations to images using Mathematical, then replaces them with image nodes. Conversion then proceeds as normal.

Asciidoctor Mathematical is a Ruby gem that uses native extensions. It has a few system prerequisites which limit installation to Linux and OSX. Therefore, if your content contains passthrough blocks or inlines, you most likely have to use a conditional preprocessor to skip them and make other arrangements.

While this strategy has a low impact when processing shorter blocks, it can drastically deteriorate performance when processing a block that spans dozens of pages. As a general rule of thumb, you should avoid using shaded blocks which span more than a handful of pages.

And unlike on the web, the PDF reader cannot scroll horizontally to reveal the overflow text. Therefore, the long lines are forced to wrap.

Wrapped lines can make the verbatim blocks hard to read or even cause confusion. To help address this problem, Asciidoctor PDF provides the autofit option on all verbatim i. When the autofit option is enabled, Asciidoctor PDF will decrease the font size until the longest line fits without wrapping.

If that threshold is reached, lines may still wrap. Instead, it only considers physical pages.

Bundled Items

Therefore, to print a range of pages as they are labeled in the document, you need to add the number of front matter pages i. For example, if you only want to print the first 5 pages labeled with a page number e.

Title Page Unlike other converters, the PDF converter introduces a dedicated title page at the start of the document. The title page contains the doctitle, author, date, and revision info.

If a front cover image is specified, the title page comes after the front cover.

The title page is enabled if either of these conditions are met: The document has the book doctype. Ruby Essentials Ruby Essentials is a free on-line book designed to provide a concise and easy to follow guide to learning Ruby. Learn to Program A wonderful little tutorial by Chris Pine for programming newbies. Learn Ruby the Hard Way A very good set of exercises with explanations that guide you from the absolute basics of Ruby all the way to OOP and web development.

The Ruby Programming Wikibook A free online manual with beginner and intermediate content plus a thorough language reference.

Ruby Core Reference Pulled straight from the source code using RDoc , this reference work documents all of the core classes and modules like String, Array, Symbol, etc…. Ruby Standard Library Reference Also pulled from the source code using RDoc, this reference work documents the standard library.

Here is a list of popular tools used by Rubyists: Linux and cross-platform tools: Get Started , it's easy! Try Ruby! Participate in a friendly and growing community.

BioRuby: bioinformatics software for the Ruby programming language

Mailing Lists: Talk about Ruby with programmers from all around the world. User Groups: Get in contact with Rubyists in your area.The speech is similar to the closing chapter in his book, " Better.

Now you need to make sure all the assets will are precompiled according to the official GitHub, this next step is essential for your gem to work perfectly when you deploy to production: Eloquent JavaScript: The superlative tricks-and-tips-for-yourlife blog ran a four-part series on how to program in JavaScript.

PDF Introducing students into the fundamentals of programming can our experiences with the programming language Ruby in introductory. For all other doctypes unless the title-page attribute is set , the TOC is inserted in the flow of text in between the document title and the first block of content.

You may also notice the lack of a return statement. If a document that has the book doctype includes a preface, an entry for the preface is only included in the TOC if the preface-title is assigned a value e.