"I Will Wait" is a song from The Book of Life (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). Trivia It can be heard in the film during the montage of Manolo and Joaquín. I Will Wait Lyrics: I'll be bold / As well as strong / And use my head alongside my The Book Of Life (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) () Various Artists. I Will Wait lyrics: I'll be bold As well as strong And use my head alongside my from the lies And I'll kneel down, Wait for now Manolo: I'll kneel down, Know. Diego Luna / Joe Matthews / Gustavo Santaolalla "Book of Life, The" soundtrack .

Book Of Life I Will Wait

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Video clip and lyrics I Will Wait For You by The Book of Life. Manolo: I'll kneel down, Know my ground 'Cause I will wait, I will wait for you And I will wait. THE BOOK OF LIFE is currently out on Blu-ray and DVD, and in the animated movie produced by Guillermo del Toro, a familiar song by. I Will Wait Lyrics by Diego Luna / Joe Matthews / Gustavo Santaolalla on The Book of Life Soundtrack.

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Side B 1. Ecstasy of Gold 3. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy 4. Just a Friend 5.

Visiting Mother 7. The Apology Song 8. No Matter Where You Are 9. Si Puedes Perdonar.

Special Tour 2. The Book Of Life Theme 3.

The Tale Begins 4. Visiting Mother 5.

Lullaby Theme 6. The Medal 7.

A Lover's Tango 8. Manolo Vs Joaquin 9. The Boar The Apology Song Demo Sanchez Bullfighting History The Banditos Are Coming! Maria Is Gone The Sanchez Clan 2. Reunited With Mother 3.

Going to See La Muerte 5. The Maze 7.

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While The Book of Life certainly looks polished and is just as visually striking as those films, it has a handmade charm that really does evoke authentic Mexican folk art. Del Toro and Gutierrez spoke at length about how they wanted the film to feel like a giant meal, a dish where you truly get a sampling of Mexican culture.

The central love triangle is, by all appearances, handled deftly and with a great deal of warmth with the vocal talents of Diego Luna, Zoe Saldana and Channing Tatum helping thing pop just a little more.

It also appears that, structurally speaking, the film cycles though several unique worlds and aesthetics throughout its three acts. Perhaps the biggest surprise was the use of music.

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After that one piece of music was secured, it became easier to get the other numbers in line including pieces by Biz Markie and Rod Stewart.

You need to think in terms of food, I always think in terms of food.

If you want Chinese, you go to a Chinese restaurant. When you want Japanese Sushi, you go to one of those restaurants and everyone enjoys how different the flavor is. And storytelling needs the same diversity. The world is not one flavor… ultimately the final flavor of your movie needs to have a specificity.

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Just as the food, the feel and the music of Mexico appeals to everyone.And every artist poured their heart and soul into that idea. I had to do a lot of research even for the background!

Chakal kills Carlos, who arrives in the Land of the Remembered in time to see Manolo's fight. Please try again soon, or contact Customer Service at Perhaps the biggest surprise was the use of music.


He was credited as "Goth Kid". Although he is actually quite a talented bullfighter, he simply cannot bring himself to "finish the bull" at the end of the fight, becoming a huge disappointment to his father. He was credited as "Skeleton Luis". Upload Files.