CATCHING FIRE. The Hunger Games Book 2. Suzanne Collins . abandoned quality with no fire on the hearth, no cloth on the table. I mourn my old life here. Catching Fire is a science fiction young adult novel by the American novelist Suzanne Collins, the second book in The Hunger Games trilogy. As the. Catching Fire book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Sparks are are the Capitol wants.

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Before reading The Hunger Games trilogy, I had more than a few people tell me the first two books were good, but the last one was lacking. I couldn't disagree. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. "Collins ratchets up the tension in the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy. With a host of well-drawn new secondary characters and more lives on the line.

Katniss, who after threatening to kill herself and Peeta with the poisonous berries in the first games, is in serious danger from President Snow, because by not playing by the Capitol's rules she has become the Mockingjay - the symbol of rebellion.

And rebellion is the basis on which Suzanne Collins continues the story.

Common Sense says

I didn't really know what to expect when I started reading Catching Fire, but while Suzanne Collins expands the story by turning it into the fight of the rebels against the Capitol, she also simply repeats the thrills and action of The Hunger Games. Katniss and Peeta are sent into the arena once again and have to fight again. I don't think what Suzanne Collins did is good or bad but the thrills, fights and emotions she captured in the first book are so captivating that they cannot be repeated.

Want to tell the world about a book you've read? Katniss accepts, but Snow is dissatisfied with her performance, leaving her fearing for her loved ones. Returning to District 12, now overrun with harsher Peacekeepers to enforce the Capitol's rule, Katniss discovers an uprising has broken out in District 8.

Gale is caught poaching and is whipped in the town square until Haymitch intervenes. While hunting in the woods, Katniss meets Bonnie and Twill, refugees from District 8 whose uprising has failed.

Catching Fire (Book 2 of The Hunger Games Trilogy)

They plan to reach District 13 — believed to be destroyed in the first rebellion against the Capitol — in the hope that the residents are actually underground.

Preparing for her upcoming wedding, Katniss learns that Districts 3 and 4 have also risen up against the Capitol.

The Capitol announces the 75th Hunger Games, with a twist —tributes will be selected from the surviving victors of the previous Games. Katniss realizes she must compete alongside either Haymitch or Peeta. Haymitch is chosen and is unable to stop Peeta volunteering in his place.

At the Capitol, Haymitch urges Katniss to find allies but she bonds with the weakest tributes. In the televised interview, Katniss' stylist Cinna transforms the white wedding gown Snow insisted she wear into a black dress of feathers resembling a mockingjay, a symbol of the rebellion. Before Katniss is sent into the arena, she watches helplessly as Cinna is killed by the peacekeepers.

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins - review

Katniss and Peeta ally themselves with Finnick Odair from District 4 and Mags , his year-old mentor. Mags sacrifices herself to allow Finnick to save the weakened Peeta. Wiress reveals that the arena is arranged like a clock, with each danger occurring at a fixed time and place for one hour. Nothing is the same for Katniss since winning the Games.

When the novel opens, Katniss is hunting in the woods, thinking about how much she doesn't want to go on the annual Victory Tour. Every victor of the Games must visit each district to celebrate their win at the Games.

After hunting, she returns home so she can ensure she is ready in time for the Tour, only to find that President Snow, the leader of Panem, is waiting to speak with her. Snow tells Katniss that she needs to convince both him and Panem while on the Tour that she is in love with Peeta or the Capitol will go after her and Gale's families.

According to Snow, Katniss' stunt with the berries was too rebellious. Though some people believe she was proposing suicide because she was so insane with love for Peeta, others think it was an act of defiance. Some of Panem's districts are now on the brink of rebellion. If Katniss can convince everyone she is without a doubt in love with Peeta, Snow will spare her family's lives. Next Book Summary.

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Catching Fire: The Hunger Games, Book 2

Collins does not disappoint in this enthralling, entirely satisfying sequel. The best photoshopped pic I Warning!!

And that's what I find very disturbing. Although they have been given scripted speeches to read, Peeta discards it and generously pledges an annual portion of their winnings to help compensate the families which is against convention and Katniss emotionally voices her gratitude to Thresh and her regret over Rue's death.

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