impossible to machine using traditional machining processes. • Traditional examples of single action, mechanical non traditional machining processes. PDF | 55+ minutes read | Non-Traditional Machining process. To learn about various unconventional machining processes, the various process Unconventional machining Process – Need – classification – Brief overview.

Unconventional Machining Process Pdf

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Need For Unconventional Machining Processes. 2. Classification Of UCM Processes. 2. Brief Overview. 3. UNIT II MECHANICAL ENERGY BASED. Sri Vidya College of Engineering & Technology, Virudhunagar Course Material ( lecture notes) ET C SV ME - Unconventional Machining Prcesses - Unit 1. Total: 45 OUTCOMES: Upon completion of this course, the students can able to demonstrate different unconventional machining processes and know the.

Define Electro chemical machining process 3. State the working principle of ECM Process 4.

Describe Dielectric fluids. Mention common dielectric fluids and its functions 5.

Unconventional Machining Process - UMP Study Materials

Mention the factors the material removal rate affecting ECM 6. Define Break down Mechanism 7.

List out the few advantages and limitations of ECM 8. Sathishkumar 9. Describe the Wire cut Electro discharge machining process Mention the features of Electro Discharge Machining process Write Limitations and application of EDM State recent development of EDM Process Give the characteristics of Electrochemical Machining Process Mention the basic requirement of tool materials for EDM Name the common tool materials used in EDM Process Describe overcutting in EDM process Mention the temperature, voltage and amperes involved in EDM Process Briefly explain the principles, equipments, chemistry of process electrolytes,tools,accuracy and surface finish ,process capabilities, applications and advantages of Electrical discharge Machining Process 2.

Discuss details about process principles, construction and working of EDM, also explain EDM servo system for automatic electrode reefed concept 3. Explain the following Electrical Discharge Machining with neat sketch 1. Electrode Feed Control System 2.

Factors to be considered for EDM Machine tool selection 4. Write shorts notes in following EDM Technology i. Dielectric system ii. Wire drive system iii. Positioning system 5.

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Explain the working principle, elements and characteristics of wire EDM process 6. Describe the types of pulse generator used in Electro discharge machining process Prof. Sathishkumar 7. Explain how the stratified wire works and Discuss about Recent developments in Wire cut Electrical Discharge machining process 8.

With the help of neat sketch explain the mechanism of material removal rate in EDM 9. Identify the condition for maximum power delivery to the discharging circuit in EDM Write the short notes about 1.

Unconventional Machining Process

Characteristics of spark eroded surface 2. Define the Chemical Energy based Material Machining process 2. State the principle for Chemical machining process 3. Mention the role of etchants in chemical machining process 4. State the use of maskant in chemical machining process 5.

Unconventional Machining Processes

Name the etchants and maskant used in chemical machining process 6. Write the principle of Electro chemical machining process 7.

State the requirements of tool materials in ECM Process 8. Write the Name and function of electrolyte used in ECM process 9. List out the essential characteristics of an electrolyte used in ECM Process Mention the tool materials and why it is used for electro chemical machining process List out the process parameters of electro chemical machining process Write the advantages and limitations of ECM We also use unconventional machining processes to machine soft materials, in order to get better dimensional accuracy.

Unconventional machining processes can be broadly classified into several types based on four main criteria. The classification of unconventional machining processes is given below:.

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Why unconventional machining processes are used? Classification of unconventional machining processes: The classification of unconventional machining processes is given below: Mach Sci Technol 1 2 : — Int J Mach Tools Manuf 36 10 : — Int J Mach Tools Manuf 27 4 : — J Mater Proces Technol — Int J Mach Tools Manuf 38 1—2 : 15— J Mater Process Technol — Mach Sci Technol — Int J Mach Tools Manuf — J Eng Ind 75— Mach Sci Technol 5 2 : — Ann CIRP —Click here to sign up.

This method of operation is used for welding extremely thin material and for welding multi pass groove and welds and fillet welds. List out the few advantages and limitations of ECM 8.

Discuss the principles, equipments, transducer,tool holders,tools,abrasives,application ,advantages and limitations of Ultrasonic Machining Process USM 4.

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