Anagrams play a huge role in An Abundance of Katherines—Why? online somewhere said of Katherines that it was a fine book, and reasonably funny, but . How can I download Saving Samantha PDF? Views · Where do I download free PDFs? Book [PDF] An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. Book File Type: [PDF]. Adaptation: No Download An Abundance Of Katherines [PDF] [ePub] or you can download the book from site.

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19 Katherines and counting When it comes An Abundance of Katherines is written in the third person. John chose this format for telling his story? How else . Download Best Book An Abundance of Katherines, PDF FILE Download An Abundance of Katherines Free Collection, PDF Download An. From the #1 bestselling author of The Fault in Our StarsMichael L. Printz Honor BookLos Angeles Times Book Prize FinalistWhen it comes to relationships, Colin .

Hassan decides her friends need descriptive names. Romance, adventure, morals, everything. Tell me the story. The whole thing?

Katherine One was the daughter of my tutor, Krazy Keith The boys go to stay with Lindsey's mom, Hollis. She has them go and interview other people in the town of Gutshot. They have done a few interviews at this point, but Hollis wants the interviews to be shorter.

Lindsey takes Colin to her secret cave.

They talk about when they were younger and their lives before this point. They also drink moonshine and tell funny stories.

Colin and Hassan continue their vacation in Gutshot. His theorem eventually works for all but one of his past relationships with a Katherine—which the novel explores.

Summary of An Abundance of Katherines Novel

The relationship is cut short when Colin and Hassan catch Katrina having sex with TOC while on a feral hog hunt with Lindsey, her friends and Colin's father. While injured in the fight, Colin anagrams the Archduke's name while in the grave yard to dull the pain, and realizes that it is actually Lindsey's great-grandfather, named Fred N. Dinzanfar, that is buried in the tomb. Colin finds Lindsey at her secret hideout in a cave, where he tells her the story of every Katherine he has ever loved.

An Abundance Of Katherines

Lindsey tells him how she does not feel sad but instead slightly relieved by TOC's affair. They discuss what it means to them to "matter" and eventually confess their love for each other. As their relationship continues, Colin decides to use his dating formula to determine whether or not he and Lindsey will last.

The graph reveals that they will only last for four more days. Lindsey then slips a note under his door, four days later, stating that she cannot be his girlfriend because she is in love with Hassan.

An Abundance of Katherines

But she leaves a P. Colin realizes that his theorem cannot predict the future of a relationship; it can only shed light on why a relationship failed. Despite this, Colin is content with not "mattering". Hassan also states that he is applying for two college classes, which Colin has been trying to convince him to do throughout the book.

The story ends with the trio driving past the restaurant they were originally planning on going to, because Colin, Lindsey, and Hassan realize that they can just keep driving; there is nothing stopping them from continuing on. The novel is written in a third-person narrative. Green used third person to create empathy for Colin.

In a blog post, Green wrote that the novel "needed to be written in third person, because it's about a guy whose brain does not lend itself to narratives, and who struggles to tell stories in ways other people find interesting. The story includes many footnotes that become an essential part to understanding Colin's brain and how it works. Green says that the footnotes "function as a kind of competing narrative that comments upon and—for lack of a better word—problematizes the central narrative.

With the footnotes and The Appendix that is at the end of the novel, Green gives his readers "a way of attempting to achieve precision and clarity" of the story in general, but more specifically, Colin's mind. The book consists of 19 chapters to highlight the number These chapters include Colin's flashbacks, which are "meant to reflect the relationship we have between chronological narrative and emotional narrative.

An Abundance of Katherines was a Michael L. John Green mentioned in Brotherhood 2.

Green was asked to write the screenplay. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Summary of An Abundance of Katherines Novel

John Green Books. Archived from the original on 5 May Retrieved 24 April Shmoop University, Inc.

Retrieved 1 May Printz Winners and Honor Books".Over the span of his life, Colin has dated nineteen girls named Katherine, all spelled in that manner. Hassan decides her friends need descriptive names. This book is so entertaining that it almost feels like listening to a person tell a story—an amusing, fascinating, and inspiring one at that. His main problem is that he has a hard time making friends, but no problem with finding girlfriends.

Colin finds everything interesting, especially things that other people seem to not care much about.