So, it's a little before ten a.m. and I'm just starting to get a good buzz going. Theoretically, I should be in Algebra II, but in reality I'm cruising over to my beautiful. THE. SPECTACULAR. NOW by. Scott Neustadter. &. Michael H. Weber. Based on the novel by Tim Tharp. GREEN Production Draft. July XX, THE. SPECTACULAR. NOW by. Scott Neustadter. &. Michael H. Weber. Based on the novel by Tim Tharp. Second Draft. August 24,

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Uploaded by: VELMA - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. This National Book Award Finalist is now a major motion picture -- one of the most buzzed-about films at Sundance , starring Shailene Woodley (star of The. Tim Tharp The Spectacular Now - [Free] Tim Tharp The Spectacular Now [PDF] [ EPUB] The. Spectacular Now est une comédie dramatique.

Yet good coming-of-age stories are tricky to make. John Hughes pulled it off over and over again in the 80s and 90s because he told stories of ordinary teenagers in ordinary situations. But plenty of teen movies and TV shows—though they're often fun to watch—tend toward the cinematic equivalent of actual high school: those are the pretty, fun, cool kids up there, the ones who have everything together and throw great parties.

And the rest of us? We're all the dorks in the audience. This is one of the greatest achievements of The Spectacular Now: its teenagers are real. They do really dumb things. They're in denial about their failings even as they try to do what's right.

Sometimes they seem like confident adults, and then sometimes they're lost, scared children. They even look like normal teenagers, blemishes and scars and all, and they act and talk and relate like ordinary teenagers who are still finding their feet. Sutter Miles Teller, from the Footloose remake is the sort of high school senior whom teachers love and ruefully hate: he's not a great student, but he's always smiling and respectful—he just can't get his act together long enough to actually study.

He's fun, and funny, and friendly and loyal, and a high-functioning alcoholic: more or less the life of the party.

He's got no idea what the future holds for him, but that's because he lives in the now. Then one morning after a bender brought on by a breakup, Sutter wakes up sprawled on somebody's front lawn, not sure where his car is. No biggie. On a more personal note, I would also like to bring to your attention the alarming lack of concern Sutter seems to have with regard to his future.

Here we go. He skips school on a regular basis, hasn't even thought about college yet, and lately seems to have fewer and fewer friends at school. How on earth does he know? What, is he stalking my FB page or something? Aimee Finecky is the one person who will still spend time with him.

At first, she seemed to be having a good influence on him at first — but recently I've been seeing some negative changes in her, and wonder if he isn't having a bad influence on this student, who was formerly so studious and quiet. Okay, now that's a low blow.

Aimee's just fine, thank you — I'm making sure of that. Students talk, Mrs. Easley, and a teacher would have to be deaf not to overhear much of what they discuss. I'm not oblivious — I know that many of our students drink alcohol at the parties they attend on the weekends.

Whoa, wait — he does? From the comments I've been overhearing, however, it seems that the agree Sutter drinks more than any of them by far, and that it's affecting his relationships with them, as well as his schoolwork and plans for the future.

He's just a teacher — what does he know? He probably misunderstood them. The Kid follows him inside. As the Clerk rings Sutter up, the Kid sheepishly tugs on his shirt. On me. High five! Sutter is about to walk away when he realizes -. Barren branches on the tree-lined streets. Kid has his breakfast. Just like you. Sutter motions for the kid to get in.. As Sutter heads to the driver's side door we can't help but notice the flask in his back pocket. Sutter has his Big Gulp. She made him leave us.

My Dad was the best. With my Mom. This effects Sutter. Let me drive you home. Credit cards. Sutter takes out a flask. Takes another big sip. What if you get hungry? They slap five again. Day or night. Good plan.

Two beats. You could hunt it. Sutter smiles. CUT TO: Walter starts to realize the obstacles. Fishing rod. Takes a sip. What are you -- But then he loses his grip. Cassidy comes out in a huff. What the hell? She looks over at the Big Gulp on the ground. Sutter looks for another way in.

Sutter calls for her. So thanks to Walter. We hear: No answer. He can hear loud. I enjoy a drink from time to time. Knocks again. Mom SARA.

Gym class. How much fun it can be. Kids crack up at his antics. DAY 13 The class runs laps around the track.. He takes a swig from a flask before walking into school. We see Sutter in the middle of the pack running backwards. Things like: Sutter is the man. Sutter takes another sip. Nobody talks about the good stuff. How good it feels. A pleasant diversion from all the annoying responsibilities that come with being a kid.

Sutter seizes the opportunity for a quick drink. Sutter takes another swig. Over which we hear: Cassidy paces as she reprimands Sutter. Words and ideas I never knew I had come flying out of me. Confident now. He continues: Partygoers follow him in. He throws her that smile and her resolve crumbles. DAY 20 Home of the Plainsmen. Sutter sips from his Big Gulp. I am in love with the feminine species.

See two girls waving excitedly. Sutter points to a girl. Sutter looks up at her. They quickly undress and start getting into it. From behind the car. Sutter squints through the rearview. I was very grateful for the one I had. Well the next day. Ricky shakes his head no. What can I say. Ricky pulls out a blaze and lights it. Ricky looks at Bethany and can only shrug.

The eyes of the girls light up. Back with Sutter and Tara: As the boat floats away Sutter winks at Ricky. You guys go ahead. I left my phone in the car. TARA My hero. For once in your life! Soon after they hear a CAR careen into the parking lot. An old classic on the radio. Can we put on some something --? What thing? Sutter and Tara turn.

Takes one out.

She gets in the car and drives off. Cassidy sees Tara in the car. A misunderstanding.. He looks up from the page. Tara looks away. Well listen to this. Thinks for a moment. Sutter stands there. He nips from the flask. Buzzed enough to not be upset. Fucking last night. No big deal. Sitting on the couch. Speaking to me?! What an honor! Marcus looks at Sutter with a touch of sympathy.

Sutter hides the flowers behind his back. Backs away.

Marcus wants to stop Sutter from leaving but Cassidy puts her arm out.. He drives better that way.. Cass and Marcus turn.

The Spectacular Now pdf, epub, mobi

Cassidy is surprised to see him. I know this is awkward.. Sit in his room.. You are the most understanding woman. Until eventually he finds something loud. He changes the station. Dean of Admissions. Sutter getting dressed for the evening.. So forget Cassidy. Psyching himself up. Fuck the past. You want hardship. Not Sutter Keely. Music up: He starts drumming a bit to the loud music.

Sutter looking at himself in the mirror. A lesser man might get depressed about it. Sutter drinking some more. Sutter turns with a flourish and stumbles away. All around him.. The Girls look back and laugh -. Sutter dances between two of the Girls. Drunk and feeling much better now. Decides to approach. The Girls are delighted to meet him! Takes a nip at his flask.

Sees a sign for a bar across the way and the best part -. Sutter and the Girls do a round of shots. You are beautiful! Down with the king! Then another. Innocent fun.. Now getting frustrated. A beat. They love this kid. But the Girls keep walking. They play with his hair. Will someone. As they walk away Sutter yells after them. Sutter looks at the nearby parked cars.

Puts his hand up to see who it is.. Do you know who lives here? Do you Sutter blinks a few times. Where the hell am I? A face. None of them his.. Completely in shadow from the bright morning sun and thus impossible to make out. I must have gone to sleep. And we see her. Her hair is strawberry blonde and her eyes the color of a public swimming pool.

Pale with freckles and glasses. We see the back is filled with papers. I gotta find my car. Whaddaya say? Off her look: After throwing some. Aimee Finecky. Aimee shyly suggests: I was about to say that. AIMEE 6am.. Tries it. Aimee smiles at him. Aimee and Sutter continue throwing. A sad smile comes over her face.

You must reel in some cash. Watch this. I had this booming arm. If I were you. Standing up for herself is the last thing Aimee ever does.

Probably could have gone pro if I stuck with it.. Are you impressed? I had the gift. Sounds to me like a pretty raw deal.

PDF - The Spectacular Now

I mean. Sutter feels bad for her.

Throwing more papers: I think I see something. Good idea. Aimee Finecky? I had a pretty rotten night last night until you came along. Aimee waits. They share a laugh. Aimee laughs. For helping me. The light flips back on in her eyes. We should get lunch sometime. Aimee launches another that lands right on the doorstep. Sutter jumps out to move his car. Is that too much to ask? In the kitchen Sutter finds his mother. Or if you want.

SARA I may not be back in time for dinner. SARA 40s. Sutter feels great about this. Sara passes through one last time We can relive our greatest triumphs of newspaper delivery! Aimee smiles at him.. Sara comes out of the utility room holding her uniform. She moves in and out of the room as she readies for the long day. SARA not listening They have me on a double shift. Like a tornado. Sutter stops in his tracks. Sutter heads up to his room. Look how wrinkled this is? SARA It would have taken you two seconds to hang this up and help me.

Sutter looks at Ricky and smiles.

SARA Sutter. She just shakes her head.. Sutter clearly hates that idea.. Sutter is back to his relaxed self. She paid for the popcorn and everything. Music plays softly in the background. Likes seeing him happy.. Big Gulp in hand. Knows he had a hand in it. Starts to walk off. The boys high five. Who better than me to bring it out of her? Mom keeps all the money. Strange choice for a rebound. The bell rings and students begin to leave. ASTER 50s.

Maybe too nice. Her mom has her throwing newspapers at 5am. Listen to this. Sutter to the rescue. DAY 41 MR. I will get it together. And believe me. He races through the hallway on his way to: From here on in. I only want to see you succeed.

Sutter is a deer in headlights. You know that. How fast were you going? Sutter takes in the scene only the lamest of the lame eat in the lunchroom DAY 43 Sutter enters.

Standing alone by the lunch line. I remember. I mean Aimee is hanging on every word.. You know? Sutter Keely. Come on Aimee.

I mean..

The Spectacular Now

Everyone does. We all have a thing. AIMEE beat. What do you want to be known for? French Club. At which point. So where were we. Careful not to let Dan see this. I liked her. Eats another tater tot. Aimee writes down her number and hands it to him. Sutter finishes a sale. Krystal gives Sutter one last look before walking away.

When Dan is turned around. Sutter watches them go. Aimee nods. DAY 44 The store has seen better days. Sutter knocks. Most notably. Shane flips Sutter the two-handed bird. VHS tapes scattered on the floor. The door opens. What neutral? Aimee has put some effort into her looks this afternoon. Clothes piled up. Sutter follows Aimee inside. Shut up Shane. Some shingles are missing from the roof and the original paint color has faded away.

The back wall is a giant map of the Milky Way. On one wall is a massive bookshelf covered in notebooks and paperbacks. Notices more mess. Notices on the wall one of the pencil drawings -. Sutter is impressed.

Sutter walks around the room. Sutter follows Aimee down the narrow hallway. She shows Sutter how it works. Weird is good. Just this thing I like. A few mysteries. Miss Finecky. From the Gleaming Planet books. Got it. Sutter has no clue Complementary angles. They sit down and get situated. Sutter opens the book. I know. Aimee is embarrassed. Sutter feels exceedingly bad for this girl right now. What makes her so special? Sutter looks up.

Come out here right now. No problem. Hearing it saps the fun vibe of the room almost immediately. When will I ever need to know this stuff? And then: I thought you were going to get us some milk. I think you should go with me. Sutter feels terrible.

Coplanar lines? Who gives a shit? Who calculates slopes at their job? The craggy voice belongs to Randy. Aimee smiles her sad smile The expression on her face is like her ship just crashed back to Earth.. The hell has she been doing all afternoon?

Do it now.

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Picnic tables. Talk soon. This is a nice. Her message: He writes back. As they walk towards the keg. Writes back: We hear the chime of an Instant Message.I've never known a little kid named Walter. Reisig, with inside entries. That's good. Storms off. High five! Tommy barely reacts.