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Amy Ewing Author cover image of The Jewel · The Jewel. The Lone City ( Series). Book 1. Amy Ewing Author (). cover image of The Jewel. The Jewel. The Jewel by Amy Ewing (review); Kate Quealy-Gainer · Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books · Johns Hopkins Ewing, Amy The Jewel. Download PDF. The Black Key (The Lone City #3) - Amy Ewing - dokument [*.pdf] Dedication along with the other surrogates Lucien saved from the Jewel—Sienna, Olive, and .

How did this make you feel? Surrogates are given a number to replace their name. What message was the royalty sending to the surrogates?

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How did Violet feel being identied as a number? When Violet plays her cello, she is transported to a special place where she feels free, really free p. Explain what she means by this.

Why does music have the power to move people emotionally? The laws of the Jewel restrict the royalty to having only two children one boy and one girl. Should procreation be legislated? Would you want to live in a society with such a policy?

The Duchess of the Lake says that hope is a precious thing p. Discuss the characters who were hopeful about changing the future and those who have lost hope. The Duchess of the Lake believes Violet will produce an exceptional daughter who will be a perfect match for the future Exetor. What old score is she trying to settle? Why is this match so important to her? What did she mean when she said, Men cannot be trusted p. Violet asserts that she would rather live with her family in poverty than enjoy the luxuries of the Jewel alone.

Could Violet achieve true happiness in the Marsh, the poorest tier of society? Why or why not? Blythe lies to Violet when he tells her that the surrogates are sterilized after giving birth and live in a facility for the remainder of their lives.

What really happens to them? Do you think sometimes its better not knowing the truth? Has there been a time when you were lied to for your own good? How did you feel when you discovered the truth? Lucien offers Violet freedom, but she has to promise her loyalty. Tall and slender, with tousled brown hair and a strong jaw.

One hand rests in the pocket of his pants and his shirt is open at the collar. Things like Beautiful Boy Ash is a slave himself. He is a companion , a sexual boy toy to wealthy, older woman who are, naturally, disgusting and nasty and so unlike the pure, beautiful, and virgin-Mary-like Together, they are not strong.

Together, they are a danger. This is forbidden love, if there ever was one.

He could be severely punished if they were caught. She could be killed at the Duchess' whim. And forget about her grand rescue mission. So what does Romeo and do? I think I love you. View all comments.

Is it me or are dystopian novels getting weirder and weirder every year? Either the world's running out of ideas and isgrasping at straws, or the world's trends have moved on ahead of me, 'cause I do not get it and I feel like an old woman now. It started okay, a bit confusing at first, but around the thirty percent mark it started spiraling down the rabbit hole for me.

Unfortunately, the romance read: That left me very, very grumpy. Now, don't get me wrong. The writing was decent. There were times it was vivid, and it was definitely easy to read.

Unfortunately, we see the story unfold in the MC's eyes who is oh-so special and frankly, quite boring to boot, so while the writing may have had potential, it left a lot to be desired. Meet Violet, a determined, beautiful girl who has And oh, before I forget, she also is the most sought-after surrogate in the Auction. We are repeatedly told of how special she is - from her looks, to her talents, to her playing the Cello - but we're not given much foundation aside from that, and we are simply expected to accept her awesomeness.

And may I say that she is so dull? I guess that's to be expected from someone who is groomed to be a surrogate, but come on, we're in her thoughts, man! But nooooope - Violet who has violet eyes And nothing really happens. And oh, gets complimented at for being so awesome, beautiful, extraordinary, and talented between the activities, while wallowing in self-pity. It felt so damn repetitive. There would be twists introduced here and there, but they were written in such an anti-climactic way that the best it got from me was a yawn.

One word: It made me rant, rage, and swear exotic curses in my mind. I'm telling you, folks, you wouldn't want a peek into my brain during that span of time lest you want to escort me to the authorities. It was one of the worst and fast-paced romances I've ever read, and that's saying something.

Imagine, the first meeting that they had where they talk a bit about music and where it ends with him being rude to her and she tells him this: I blush furiously - that didn't come out the way I'd intended.

I stare at my reflection - pink cheeks, tiny smile, bright eyes I've never thought much about kissing, but the idea of Ash's lips against mine -- I giggle.


When she sees him at dinner, she goes: It's only been a couple of hours since I met him, but he's somehow even more handsome than I remember. My whole body feels like it's blushing. Are your eyes twitching yet? When Ash promptly ignores her, she now goes: The pain of this is a sharp, physical thing, almost like the aftermath of an Augury except that it's not my head that feels like needles are being shoved into it. Jesus, girl I would understand if you've known each other for some time already, but you don't - you just met him a few hours ago.

It's not that serious, darling! Believe it or not, it isn't! And in their third meeting, apparently, the guy can't stop thinking of her either! And then, they kiss.

And soon after a few more fumblings, they tell each other the following: Seriously, this would have been more bearable if the romance felt more natural. It moved way too fast for my tastes. It felt so superficial and it was hard for me to regard it seriously. It was far from beautiful, it was far from deep. To me, they looked like rabbits in heat that just wanted to get it on already. And the world-building is absolutely shaky.

The kingdom or whatever is divided into rings, where there's the FARM where I guess the farmers live?? I guess? For some reason, the nobles can't have babies so they hold Auctions, where girls go to the highest bidder. And oh, the nobles with fight each other through some sort of court intrigue. Aaaaaand that's it. And those descriptions. Not enough atmosphere or anything. Although there is some history with regards to the how the noble houses came to be today, but I'm pretty sure the world-building isn't limited to that.

I still encourage you to try it out for yourself to see if it works for you. This seems to be more of a hit-or-miss book, judging by the mixed reviews that are posted right now.

View all 36 comments. That is a hundred times worse than shitty in the Language of Aimee. Oh, and noticed how I said "many other readers"?

Yes, because even without said shitty, awful romance, this book is just not for me. It was a bit similar to The Hunger Games they had rings around the city and the larger rings are for the poorer sectors and The Selection the atmosphere and writing , but there were really just some stupid things I couldn't understand about this one. Weren't these girls brought up to be surrogates in the future? Why does it seem like Violet seem to have zero idea about pregnancy? I mean, how many times have you read about the girl "in the mirror" as she "transformed"?

That's seriously one of the most annoying bookish scenes ever, and I can't help but cringe every time I read about those. And drama. Drama llamas everywhere, people! The Jewel could totally be turned into the next High School Musical. Really, the characters have already practiced! Her voice is sweet and she sings a traditional Marsh-song, one we all know. And here we go: Excuse me while I go laugh hysterically, folks!

Because this romance gave me a huge migraine. I feel like vomiting just thinking about it. Take note that the novel is only about pages long, so these are actually really close to each other. They meet. They lock eyes. What can Violet say about Ash's eyes? When Violet leaves Ash's room, she thinks of kissing him. A few hours after they first met, when they meet again, Violet says, "My whole body feels like it's blushing. First kiss. Second kiss. Admission of love. They get married, ride off into the sunset and have babies.

Okay, I should get over that. Moving on! This book also had some fantasy elements mixed in. I did appreciate that, since fantasy is my favorite genre, but I still have many unanswered questions in my mind about the magic and sorcery in this book. Why were there surrogates?

How come only magic-wielding girls can be surrogates? I also felt like the fantasy aspect of the novel was just forced into it --it didn't really seem to fit with the mood of the story, but maybe that's just me.

One last thing: Women were portrayed as either too helpless and idiotic Violet or vicious and bitchy basically all of the women who bought surrogates.

The only positive thing I can say about the book is that I did enjoy Ewing's writing. It was easy to read and I just flew through the pages without much reading-related problems. Well, this review turned out a lot longer than I planned. Anyway, I'm off to bleach my brain after re-thinking about this novel. View all 32 comments.

I adore it!! I bought it because well.. I JUST Its not like Selection. BUT This books is deep and it touches some really serious issues like slavery. Violet is a strong character and i love her for it. Ash is.. All the characters are well based. Even the Duchess became a character i loved to hate and hated to love. The ending was so heartbreaking and WHAT? The big twist. I can't wait to read the next book. A unique book. A category of its own.

View all 9 comments. Rabid Reads 3. She lives in a world where blue bloods can no longer produce viable offspring.

Before they begin to die out, a doctor discovers a genetic quirk that fortuitously exists most frequently in the lowest caste of their society. And so it is mandatory--on pain of death--for every girl to be tested for this quirk upon reaching puberty. If the girl is a Surrogate, she is taken from her family to be raised, groomed, and educated for life in the Jewel.

But being a Surrogate means more than simply having a womb capable of playing host to a royal baby: The first time I coughed up blood, I thought I was dying. But it stops after a year or so.

Now I only have the occasional nosebleed. Being a Surrogate also means being able to manipulate the three Auguries: Having command of the first and easiest Augury means being about to change the superficial aspects of something like.

Same goes for the shape and growth Auguries, but the interesting thing here is that the royals who download their Surrogates at the Auction intend for the girls to use their gifts specifically on their child. In utero. Kind of cool. Kind of creepy.

Kind of dangerous for the Surrogate. Or at least that was my early impression.

Anything that causes severe headaches, nosebleeds, and coughing up blood cannot be good for you. Like I said, only the lower class has this ability, and everyone knows poor people have no power, so the upper classes are free to use them as they see fit.

I actually thought this was a clever premise. There were lots of interesting little details that made this story stand out for me: Iron bars in the shape of roses on the windows of the facilities where the girls lived until it was time for their Auction. The flashback to the girl getting her head chopped off for trying to escape becoming a Surrogate gave me goosebumps too: The girl was wild, long black hair tangled around her face, framing eyes of a brilliant, almost shocking, blue.

There was something fierce and untamed about her appearance. She looked strangely peaceful. When they put her head on the block, I could swear she smiled. The magistrate asked her if she had any last words. YEP, more goosebumps. I saw that twist at the end coming, but it was still a very cool twist. Mighty convenient that. No, not even Elizabeth Taylor. Her eyes were very, very blue, NOT purple. Raven and her twin brother Crow. The royals are all named after precious gems, or in one case, rare and expensive wood—Ebony.

For a smart girl, Violet is incredibly dense sometimes. AND how does she not consider the possibility that she could be pregnant with her own child after her shenanigans with Ash? The insta-love. So yeah, there were problems. View all 11 comments. I wasn't sure, after reading the synopsis, if this book would also have a similar plot.

I was totally wrong. When I began reading, I was pleasantly surprised by the writing style and the very xmen like twist that this "ball gown" story took on.

I flew through all pages in just a few days in the middle of a huge move and edit, as well it was that good! In Violet Lasting's world, identity isn't important. She's not a name; she's just a number. As a surrogate, raised to bear a child for whatever member of the royal Jewel section of society downloads her in an auction, Violet has been trained for years to be submissive and poised and perfectly fine with being in the background.

The twist to this story comes with something called the Auguries: In Violet's case, the third augury, Growth, is her best gift.

When Violet is taken to the auction and downloadd by the Duchess of the Lake, she's thrown into a world full of fancy balls and mansions and dresses and makeup.

But there's a dark side to Violet's new, glittering world. There's death. There's destruction. There are lies and manipulations, and somehow, very well-twisted into the middle of it all, is forbidden love. Violet soon discovers that she can never be who she truly wants to be. Danger is around every corner. Love is not an option. And when Violet discovers she might have a way out, even darker secrets are revealed. The characters are wonderfully fleshed out, from Violet herself, to her fellow surrogate and best friend Raven, to the horrible Duchess of the Lake.

Even Violet's maid, Annabelle, a girl who can't speak, was so well done that I felt like I knew her. The love interest, Ashe, is totally shiptastic. This story is just incredible. I fell in love with it, and by the time I finished warning: I loved the terrifying, beautiful world that Amy Ewing created.

I need book 2 now! And I've preordered my own hardcover copy for my personal shelves! View all 4 comments. Una vez que la joven ha entrado en la pubert 3. La primera es cambiar de color las cosas, la segunda es cambiar sus formas y la tercera es hacerlas crecer. Hay que destacar eso. Mi problema fue con la autora. Y saben que no me molesta mucho el insta-amor pero hay casos en los que funciona y casos en los que no.

View 2 comments. DNF pg 65 Will come back to this sometime in the future. On hold for now. BR with my friend IRL. I really want this to be good. View all 17 comments. Die Rezension ab I really enjoyed this book! I loved the idea of it and can not wait for the next one! When I saw this I couldn't help but think The Selection. But with a better cover. Damn, oh, well. My curiosity has brought the better out of me yet again.

View all 10 comments. I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss. I did think that she made some very dubious decisions at ti Source: I did think that she made some very dubious decisions at times though, and she should probably have covered her tracks better than she did!

She could have used her powers to turn it green, making everyone think she was pregnant, and meaning that she could pretend for a couple of weeks and avoid them trying to impregnate her again during that time!

I feel entirely new. He will then retrieve her body, and make her disappear. View all 5 comments. I'm thinking the subject matter just didn't interest me, so you might have a different experience with this one than I did. Fabulous cover, though! The Royalty that live in the Jewel can't have babies anymore. Poor people, yes. Rich people, no. But the nobility have found that some of the poor girls have these abilities that can allow them to manipulate a fetus in their wombs.

Make it a viable pregnancy. Even make the child better looking, smarter, 2. Even make the child better looking, smarter, more talented, etc.. So, they test all of the poor girls as soon as they get their period, and if they have this ability then they whisk them off to be raised in solitude. Once there, they train them to use their powers, until they are old enough to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Violet is one of the surrogate girls, and she's about to be auctioned off when the story starts.

The book goes on about how she is used and abused, her concern for her friend, what is expected of the surrogates, how they are treated as less than human Plod, plod, plod.

Of course, her abilities are special. Something that hasn't been seen before. I don't I'm still not sure what the hell her abilities are , but it has something to do with the life-force of things.

Like, she makes plants grow and stuff? Lots of pain, nosebleeds, and coughing up blood happen when their powers are used, by the way. Kinda gross when the girls are spewing blood all over the dinner table, you know?


No, really! But before she can escape, she needs to fall in love with a boy, right? Yes, she does. Love is in the air, and it feels somewhat boring and rushed.

The main thing is that they desperately love each other, there will be horrifying repercussions if they are caught, and that she will act foolishly for love. The last 5 pages are excellent, and left me with a cliffhanger so good that I would almost consider reading the next book, just to see what happens next. Yes, really. It may be that I have read too many books with a similar feel to them, but this just didn't do it for me.

However, that doesn't mean that I would warn anyone off of reading it, because it wasn't badly written. Sorry, book. It's not you, it's me. View all 12 comments. Vor allem die Liebesgeschichte hat mich total genervt. That ending. A lo largo de los siglos, la rea [4. A lo largo de los siglos, la realeza ha empezado a debilitarse, pues han perdido la capacidad de reproducirse ya que todo son abortos, muertes e hijos deformes.

La historia de amor. Vaya, vaya. View 1 comment.

I think on some level I should probably have disliked this book, but I ended up enjoying it quite a bit. It's a light read and I sped through pretty fast and none of the characters irritated me too much. This might have something to do with the fact that books that explore a Reproductive Dystopian world fasciate me. I didn't really love the romance because it is on the "quick" side of things, but somehow that did not seem to bother me much.

One thing you might want to consider is that this book does have a terrible cliffhanger. It's the worst. I know I'll end up reading book two just for that alone. I only hope that book two either expounds on the romance or gets rid of it completely. View all 19 comments. It is not often that I give 1 star to a book.

I usually try to find the good in each book that I read. Even books that I have not finished do not get a star rating, that's just how I review.

But - this book drove me bonkers and I must highlight the things that drove me crazy.

Epic Reads Book Club: THE JEWEL by Amy Ewing

They are given a lot number and dressed up in spectacular gowns and costumes and sold to the highest bidder. Sounds like slavery to me. Oh, the girls are never referred to by their names, only lot numbers. Good behavior is rewarded, bad behavior is punished.

The reality is that this is a race to produce a super baby. Surrogates are told that once they produce a child, they will go on and retire in another part of this world. Wonder if that's true? Also, there is work to lobotomize the surrogates so they would just have a breeding womb available. The story is told in first person POV, so we only know what Violet is doing or thinking. See my status updates for an example. Can't tell you for sure. Our heroin falls in love with a character, who is the love interest of another.

I'm sure that there will be plenty of people who will enjoy this book. For me, it was not a pleasant read.

Read at your own risk. Thank you to Edelweiss and HarperTeen for a review copy of this book. Violet is a surrogate, born with unique gifts to shape the world around her, yet bought and sold to the highest bidder in a world where royalty rules all. This had a lot of flaws, and unfortunately it really hindered my enjoyment of what could have been a good story.

The main issue I had was just how unoriginal I found the story. Reading this felt like deja vu. Poor yet beautiful girl with unique gifts brought into a different world? Evil ruling power that manipulates said girl? Du Violet is a surrogate, born with unique gifts to shape the world around her, yet bought and sold to the highest bidder in a world where royalty rules all.

Dull and one dimensional love interest leading to instalove? I also think I rolled my eyes several times over the names of some of these characters.

One character is called Cinder. And her brother is Ash. My other main issue was Ash. The love interest. The story takes a significant dip after his introduction, as he's so dull with no definable characteristics or charm. He's basically Finnick from The Hunger Games without the emotional depth. When Violet starts fawning over him after meeting him for all of ten minutes, I knew this story wasn't going to end the way I wanted it too. I much preferred the relationship between the various surrogates and their 'owners', and the dynamics and rivalries that are barely explored but had so much potential.

I didn't think there was any need to introduced Ash at all. If anything, he hinders the plot. I found all of his scenes very cringy, and I often skim read them. Violet as a main character is also severely lacking in personality. She goes from petulant teen to submissive slave with no in-between. She's got no emotional depth, and bumbled from one scenario to the next, relying on other people to rescue her.

Several times I was also confused by the world itself. We don't see anything outside of The Jewel except very briefly at the beginning. The rules of the world aren't explained very deeply either, and are often contradictory.

Why treat some surrogates well, others badly, yet always have them dressed up like dolls all the time? Why are they repeatedly drugged? It felt like an easy cop out to explain any passage of time. What are the various Auguries, and why do only poor girls have these powers?

They weren't explained well, or integrated well into the story, and I often felt confused when Violet uses any of them. Also, their use with regards to childbirth is just This really wasn't for me. The potential was there, but the execution fell flat.

If you've found this review, perhaps you are wondering why I appear so irked by this book. Giving it one star, and all. Also, the girl on the cover, yeah, she is way too well-dressed to be a slave. Some books do not need a dumbed-down romance version with a bunch of silly tropes. It is a serious treatment of a serious subject. Why is there a need to publish a glossy new version with girls Hello. Why is there a need to publish a glossy new version with girls in pretty dresses?Violet Lasting lives in Southgate.

Violet is a surrogate, born with unique gifts to shape the world around her, yet bought and sold to the highest bidder in a world where royalty rules all. Four years later, she is sold to the Duchess for that purpose and brought to the Jewel, the glittering, wealthy city center of their small island that is also a web of political intrigue, budding unrest, and deception. Aaaaaand that's it. The fact that she's named after her eye colour is a bit cheesy though, I must admit that.

And when Violet discovers she might have a way out, even darker secrets are revealed. It felt like an easy cop out to explain any passage of time.